MAJIC Positions

July 12, 1947
Executive Order

The purpose of this agency will be to coordinate all United States activities connected in any way with nonhuman alien intelligence, including the management of the MAJESTIC science group, military BLUE TEAM activities and FBI/CIA(G) survalance activities designed to establish and maintain all c-related operations at the highest level of security obtainable. The TOP SECRET/MAJIC classification is now the highest level of classification.

MAJIC Initial Organizational Structure: MJ-1

MAJIC is a coordinating and management group, reflecting same centralization concept contained in recent legisla-establishing the Central Intelligence Agency. MAJIC will be overseen by the Director of Central Intelligce, who will report on all MAJIC activities to the President as appropriate and advisable.

DCIA will receive the MAJIC Designation MJ-1. Admiral Hil-coetter is appointed MJ-1 (1) by order of the President. Positions MJ-2-4 are MAJIC administrative positions. Should project SIGMA (referenced below) succeed, MJ-1 will institiue project PLATO, seeking to establish ongoing com-nications of a diplomatic or negotiational nature with the aliens. The first objective of this project will be to attempt to control alien incursions into US airspace and alien contact with US citizens.

MJ-2 Position

MJ-2 is the designation for director, MAJIC Operations. Mr. WiIfred Stone is appointed Director, MAJiC Operations, MJ-2, by order of the President. Further appointments within the Operational Group to follow. The primary responsibilities of the MJ-2 position will be two. The first will be administra-tive and collational, gathering and synthesizing all output from all other MAJIC positions and transmitting them in an orderly manner to MJ- 1. The second will be diplomatic. MJ-2 will create an office (Designation: SIGMA) that will seek means of communicating with the aliens.

MJ-3 Position

The MJ-3 position is the Civilian Operations Coordinator re-sponsible for propaganda and maintenance of public igno-rance in the face of extensive and obvious alien activities, which include substantial and publicly visible flyovers of Un-identified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Identified Alien Craft (IACs). They also apparently include the abduction of civil-ians as well as military personnel for unknown reasons. The primary MJ-3 mission is to guard the fact that government cannot prevent these activities and does not know their pur-pose. MJ-3 will operate a program of denial and ridicule. The natural skepticism of journalists will be enlisted by total, ab-solute and blanket denial of any and all sightings, disappear-ances, observations of landed craft, etc. This program will be carried out no matter how obvious the truth of a given report. It is essential that NO sighting no matter how obvious be explained as an "unknown.'' Such explanation may lead to difficult questions and journalistic demands and will threaten this program. Further, MJ-3 will orchestrate the ridi-cule of civilians who come forward with witness accounts. If they are persistent, such civilians will be methodically dis-credited. Persons associated with scientific institutions and universities who are too interested in this subject will be warned away. Should they persist strong measures will be taken as appropriate. The atmosphere of denial and ridicule is intended to curtail public understanding, and frighten non-MAJIC-associated scientists into ignoring the whole area. MJ-3 will also be responsible for the infiltration of ''flying saucer" study groups now springing up as a by-product of recent radio and newspaper attention. All cover operations will be coordinated by MJ-3.

MJ-4 Position

The MJ-4 Position is Coordinator of Military Activities. The Army Air Force BLUE TEAM set up to retrieve alien objects and remains will advise MJ-4 of all its activities. All MAJIC- related military operations will be coordinated by this office, including those carried out after the impending transfer of BLUE TEAM to Air Materiel Command from its present S-2 Intelligence status. MJ-4 will manage Project REDLIGHT in cooperation with AFMC and AFOC with the mission of flying any intact alien craft that may be recovered. A civilian-based National Reconnaissance Organization will be established to provide site security for all activities relating to alien craft, their movements and attempts to fly them.

MJ-5 Position

The MJ-5 Position is Coordinator of Security. All incoming personnel must receive MAJIC clearance. This clearance can only be granted to persons able to pass the most stringent tests of background and loyalty. MAJIC clearance will be given only after stringent FBI clearance investigation. Should a situation develop where MAJIC clearance cannot be ex-tended to a given elected individual above the MJ-1 level, that individual will be isolated from all knowledge of MAJIC For the duration of his term of office. MAJIC clearance proce-dures apply to all persons exposed to any MAJIC informa-tion, no matter how trivial, and will be applied to elected as well as appointed officials.

MJ-6 Position

The MJ-6 position is an internal executive position. MJ-6 is responsible for all record-keeping and isolation of MAJIC- related files within the Library of Congress and related collection centers such as military document centers. This posi-tion will maintain not only a record-keeping division but also a research division that will be devoted to the discovery and classification of related isolates from other branches, such as FBI or Air Force documents that incidentally refer to MAJIC, MAJESTIC or related activities. It will coordinate all activities with MJ-9.

MJ-7 Position

MJ-7 is Coordinator of Allied Relations. MJ-7 will develop liaison with presently forming Allied alien activities organiza-tions. MJ-7(A) will provide civilian liaison to these organiza-tions, and MJ-7(B) will provide military liaison.

MJ-8 Position

MJ-8 is Coordinator of Soviet Bloc Relations. MJ-8 will at-tempt to create an atmosphere of complete and open sharing of information, in view of the apparently hostile nature of the alien incursion and the obvious need to cooperate at the highest levels in order to achieve a meaningful and effective human response to the possible arrival of massive alien force.

MJ-9 Position

MJ-9 is Project Historian. The historical mission is twofold. First, historians shall be enlisted to attempt to determine the extent of alien activity prior to the present time. Second. a MAJIC Historical Bureau shall receive alldocuments from all units and prepare and maintain a large-scale historical re-source for use in briefing and as a source of reference.

MJ-10 to MJ-12 Positions

These are scientific positions.

MJ-10 Position

MJ-10 is Coordinator for the Physical Sciences. Subgroups will include Astrophysics, Propulsion, Electromagnetics, Par-ticle and Atomic Physics and other areas to be added as as asneeded. The primary mission of the MJ-10 position is to collect data and provide meaningful answers regarding the science behind the amazing alien craft and their apparent mastery of such forces as gravity, and the nature, capabili-ties, and limitations of their weapons.

MJ-11 Position

MJ-11 is Coordinator for Biological and Behavioral Sciences. The mission of the MJ-11 position is to collect information as to the nature of alien biology, brain function and behavior. It is especially important it be determined if any viruses, bacte-ria, gases, chemicals or radioactive elements might be effec-tive as weapons.

MJ-12 Position

MJ-12 is overall Coordinator of Scientific Activities. Under MJ-12 will be two subsidiary positions, MJ-12(A) and MJ-12(B). MJ-12(A) will be coordinator of defense-related scien-tific activities, with priority on the development of weapons/strategies which will provide the US with an effective deterrent where none whatsoever now exists. MJ-12(B) will be coordinator of other scientific activities, with priority on the understanding of the physical nature of the aliens and their motives/objectives.

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