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Abduction Events

The Mass Abduction Event of December 8, 1992 The Mass Abduction Event of December 8, 1992
Washington, D.C. 1952 Incident Washington, D.C. 1952 Incident
Australian Alien Abduction Cases Australian Alien Abduction Cases
The Hill Abduction Case The Hill Abduction Case

Report an Abduction

Abduction report form Abduction Report Form

    If you have experienced an alien abduction of some kind, then please fill out this small form.
    You will remain anonymous even if you wish to give me your email. The information will be collected and used in a report. If you do not wish me to use your abduction story all you have to do is select ' No ' on the ' permision to publish ' question.

Abduction Research and Information

True Abduction Report True Abduction - by Leah Monier - Abductee Victim
     A 30 year-old woman, a housewife and mother of three children, ages 3,6, and 10 tells her amazing abduction experience      in a 9 page report.
Abduction research Abduction research by Nicholas Reiter
Abduction Experience Classifications Abduction Experience Classifications
An Alien Harvest An Alien Harvest - Written and Compiled by: Dragonbane

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