Doug Pickford, of the Staffordshire Green Dragon UFO Group, reports that on 16th June 1991 "Bill", a business acquaintance, was returning home from Chester to Leek and stopped near Rushton, north of Rudyard Lake to relieve himself. He had drunk several cups of coffee in Chester, which at one thirty a.m. were producing the expected diuretic effect. He noticed that he was close by the Bridestones, a neolithic chamber with standing stones he could see clearly in the midsummer night. Above the stones he was astonished to see light like a giant golden torch which illuminated the whole area, shooting out a shower of bright sparks. Uninterested in either archaeology or the paranormal, Bill ran back to his car and tried to start it, but in vain. Then he saw that the light from the stones, in the form of a golden ball, was moving directly towards him. Paralysed either by fright or some unknown force, Bill found the intense light was hurting his eyes and at this point became unconscious.

When he finally came round he found himself lying outstretched on the ground beneath a group of trees he later found to be some 600 feet from the road where his car still stood. The ball of light had vanished, but he found he was stripped to the waist and minus his shoes. As he got to his feet, he brushed down his trousers and found them emitting a shower of sparks as though charged with static electricity. He staggered to his car and found it unlocked, the key still in the ignition, and in a bundle beside it were his shirt and shoes! As he dressed, he noticed that they were quite warm.

He got into the car and it started up at once. As he drove off at some speed he noticed the time on the dashboard clock - 3.05 a.m. One and half hours had unaccountably disappeared. On arrival home he told his wife he had been in a motor accident and it was some days before he told her the truth. He told no one else, until finally he decided to consult Doug Pickford, a long standing acquaintance whose discretion he knew he could trust.

This is an excellent case for exegesis by members of the Ian Ridpath school of simplistic ufology, who explain everything paranormal in terms of balloons, the planet Venus and geological Hessdalen ball lightning.

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