Dr. Cornet's List of Publications

Extracted from Dr. Cornet's letter of Defense to Dr. Mack

Selected references for my publications are given below:

Cornet, B., In Press. A new gnetophyte from the late Carnian (Late Triassic) of Texas and its bearing on the origin of the angiosperm carpel and stamen. In Taylor and Hickey (eds.), Angiosperm origin, evolution and phylogeny, Chapman & Hall, NY.

Olsen, P.E., Kent, D.V., Cornet, B., Witte, W.K., and Schlische, R.W., In Press. Stratigraphy of the Newark rift basin (Early Mesozoic, eastern North America): Results of the Newark basin coring project. Geological Society of merica Bulletin.

Cornet, B., 1993. Applications and limitations of palynology in age, climatic, and paleoenvironmental analyses of Triassic sequences in North America. In Lucas and Morales (eds.), The Nonmarine Triassic. New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Bulletin, 3: 75-93.

Cornet, B., 1992. Dicot-like leaf and flowers from the Late Triassic tropical Newark Supergroup rift zone, U.S.A. Modern Geology, 19: 81-99.

Cornet B. and Habib, D., 1992. Angiosperm-like pollen from the Late Jurassic (Oxfordian) of France. Review Paleobotany Palynology, 72: 269- 294.

Cornet, B. and Olsen, P.E., 1990. Early to middle Carnian flora and fauna of the Richmond and Taylorsville basins, Virginia and Maryland, U.S.A. Guidebook No. 1, Virginia Museum of Natural History, Martinsville, 83 p.

Cornet, B., 1989. The reproductive morphology and biology of Sanmiguelia lewisii, and its bearing on angiosperm evolution in the Late Triassic. Evolutionary Trends in Plants, 3: 25-51 (cover picture).

Cornet, B., 1989. Angiosperm-like pollen from the Late Triassic Richmond rift basin of Virginia. Palaeontographica, 213B: 37-87.

Olsen, P.E. and Cornet, B., 1988. Evidence for early Mesozoic mass extinctions in eastern North America rift deposits (Late Triassic-Early Jurassic, Newark Supergroup. IGCP Project 199, Rare Events in Geology, Berrichte der Geologischen Bundesanstalt (Wein), 15(Abs.): 20.

Ziegler, D.G. and Cornet, B., 1985. Newark rift system: a potentially prolific hydrocarbon province. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bull., 69 (Abs.): 1452.

Cornet, B and Ziegler, D.G., 1985. Structural styles and tectonic implications of the Richmond-Taylorsville rift system, Eastern Virginia. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bull., 69(Abs.): 1434.

Cornet, B., Phillips, T.L., and Andrews, H.N., 1976. The morphology and variation in Rhacophyton ceratangium from the Upper Devonian and its bearing on frond evolution. Palaeontographica, 158B: 105-129.

Cornet, B. and Traverse, A., 1975. Palynological contributions to the chronology and stratigraphy of the Hartford basin in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Geoscience and Man, 11: 1-33.

Cornet, B., Traverse, A., and McDonald, N.G., 1973. Fossil spores, pollen, and fishes from Connecticut indicate Early Jurassic age for part of the Newark Group. Science, 182: 1243-1247.

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