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Sound Tables (a & b)
Produced from Plate 2

Sound table produced from a typical commercial jet

Sound table produced from "snaking manta" (UFO)

The wave table from the commercial jet shows discordant interference of frequencies and a very irregular wave form. The sound graphs for the "snaking manta", on the other hand, are unnatural in their perfection, and most likely were produced by some sort of sound synthesizer. One can conclude from these sound graphs that the craft which produced the "snaking manta" was not a commercial or military jet. If one agrees that the sound is most likely synthetic, or at the very least atypical of any normal jet engine sound, then one is forced to ask themselves the question: What was that flying object?

B. Cornet

Plate 2 (referenced)

29 September 1995, West Searsville Rd. at bend, looking east. Manta-ray-shaped craft first photographed moving from left to right (north to south) one-two miles away, low to the ground. Just after opening shutter craft turned towards camera and made a large omega-shaped loop over me before returning to its original course south. As this craft approached the camera it flared its plasma lights and moved in a sinusoidal path silently. I did not hear or record a sound until it was almost over me. When it was directly above me my camera stopped working, but resumed working for the next pictures in sequence. This same craft has performed for my camera on numerous occasions.

B. Cornet


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