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Plate 4

24 October 1994, north end of West Searsville Rd. near intersection with Hill Ave. Craft on or near ground flared its plasma lights to our northeast, then began a slow ascent, rising and turning above us before descending in a spiral into the forest 0.7 miles to our southeast. Eight of twelve time exposures are illustrated, which clearly show the craft flaring its lights twice to form a nitrous oxide glow, changing its light pattern several times, and spiraling down into a dense forest, which is situated just south of the hexagonal mound (Plate 1.a). The white arrow pinpoints the last visible sign of the craft's light before they completely disappeared well below tree top level. There is no open field behind the forest silhouette on the right side of photograph no. 8. Compass reading where craft went down was 133 degrees southeast. See Plate 5, topographic map - (P4), for path UFO took.


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