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Fig. 18

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D&M Pyramid dimensions (as indicated by the remnant outline of its base): Length of five radii at angles of pyramid in clockwise direction starting with radius to buttressed angle: 1.17 miles, 1.15 miles, 1.28 miles, 1.28 miles, and 1.15 miles. Maximum length along axis containing buttressed is 2.23 miles.

A broad low hill is located at the center of pyramid base, with its highest point located directly under the apex of the pyramid.

Pyramid base is located in a broad low-lying area surrounded by hills and mountains, the only area large enough to hold a pyramid the size of the D&M Pyramid I.

Hilltops and ridges to the northwest and north of the pyramid outline are aligned with the orientation of the two western faces of the pyramid.

Southwestern angle of the pyramid base is demarcated by topographic slopes and oriented hills.

Stream tributaries cross the valley and enter or exit projected pyramid boundaries about midway along each side, but not where the angles of the pyramid may have been positioned.

Northern buttressed angle of the pyramid is underlain by hills more resistant to erosion.

One isolated hill within the boundary of the pyramid base is located exactly along the radius between northeast and southeast sides where a deformity exists on the D&M Pyramid I on Mars.

"Visible just to the east of the [D&M Pyramid on Mars] is a deep hole whose bottom, unlike that of most craters, cannot be seen." (Carlotto, 1991: 28). A small lake (Wickham Lake) occurs over that exact same spot relative to the base outline of the D&M Pyramid II in the Wallkill River valley. Even though the margin of this lake extends slightly beyond the relative position of this deep crater, and incurs the boundary of the pyramid on its "collapsed" southeast side, the center of the lake is concurrent with the deep crater position.

Cultural coincidences

A water tower is located on hill top at the apex of the pyramid.

The five-sided pyramid is symbolic of Mars, the God of War; the D&M Pyramid II base is located next to Warwick.

Five roads to north radiate away from the pyramid, reflecting its geometry, and East Ridge Road skirts around the pyramid, demarcating and emphasizing the hill and ridge orientations.

The Warwick-Wickham Lake airport runways cross one another like the radii of the pyramid.

A New York State prison for violent offenders is located under the east side of the D&M Pyramid II location in the valley.

A Snake Mountain is located next to the pyramid, while a Snake Hill is located next to the Face II.

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