In May 1992 I became interested in the area encompassed by the towns of Wallkill, Walden, Montgomery, and Pine Bush in Orange and Ulster counties, New York, a rural area in the Wallkill River valley. My primary interest was the unusual aerial activity of anomalous lights at night in this region of the valley. (See: Volume I, AOP Activity within Orange County, New York) This area was the subject of a ten year study by Dr. Ellen Crystall on the high profile AOP activity there, the results of which are published in her book, Silent Invasion (1991). Based on over 100 sightings and encounters that I experienced during a four and a half year period, all of which are documented by time exposures, I have been able to confirm and map this unusual activity and phenomenon. A nine page interview on my work and personal experiences appeared in Encounters magazine (1995), and was recently reprinted in Alien Encounters (1996).

During the Summer of 1992 I began a geological survey of the valley using bedrock geology maps and USGS topographic maps. I also conducted a magnetic survey of a 20 square mile area between Pine Bush and Walden, NY, which involved at least 800stations or measurement sites, and several traverses paralleling major roads that gave me an additional 1,000 data points on the map. This survey was conducted using an EG&G Geometrics Proton Precession Magnetometer. A course grid-like pattern of widely spaced stations was used to obtain a general map of the magnetic terrain and underlying geologic structure. A dense pattern of measurement was used to obtain details of anomalous features (see sample of station location map of the Walden quadrangle in three parts, lettered [A], [B], and [C]).

The resulting magnetic map (Figure 1) shows distinctive natural magnetic anomalies (mostly dipoles) extending up the center of the valley and aligned with its axis, as well as the structural grain of the Snake Hill Formation that underlies the valley. The Snake Hill Formation is Ordovician in age, with a radiometric age somewhere between 450 and 480 million years. In technical terms, the underlying geologic structure is a breached anticline which plunges to the north and rises to the south, and whose fold axis runs nearly north-south down the center of the valley. The center or axis of the anticline is roughly demarcated by the position of the Wallkill River in this region. Magnetic measurements trend from low values of 54,880 gammas (yellow) at the northern end of the map to high values of 55,160 gammas (purple) at the southern end of the map. The four colors (yellow, green, blue, and purple) denote zones of 100 gamma intervals. These zones bend south and point north, following the geologic contours of underlying bedrock units that do the same. In other words, the magnetic map reflects the underlying structural geology. The elliptical and circular bulls eye patterns denote natural magnetic anomalies caused by underground concentrations of magnetite (lodestone) and other iron-bearing minerals, such as emery. Pit mining of iron ores occurred during early colonial times, and locations over some anomalies have concentrations of abandoned pits, which are now mostly filled in and overgrown with large trees.

The orientation and clustering of magnetic anomalies is probably the result of granitic intrusions containing unusual concentrations of ferromagnetic minerals. As deeper and older strata structurally rise to the surface and become exposed along the fold axis to the south, some granitic intrusions become exhumed. Mt. Adam and Mt. Eve at the southern end of the valley near Pine Island are examples of such intrusive bodies. Most of the AOP activity near or on the ground is concentrated over natural anomalies within the overall anomaly trend (Figure 2: yellow circles numbered 1-7). Either natural magnetic anomalies are being used to camouflage underground alien magnetic activity (cf. Crystall, 1991), or alien habitats are restricted to granitic masses within the Snake Hill Formation, with concealed openings above them. Scientists whose belief systems cannot accept the presence of extraterrestrials and who look to classify anomalous lights close to the ground in structurally deformed regions as Earth lights, tend to ignore all other evidence to the contrary. That is not to say that some of my photographs are not pictures of Earth lights. But Earth lights do not change light patterns in flight to conform to FAA regulation and do not mimic sounds of conventional aircraft. Conversely, conventional aircraft do not make high-speed right angle turns, travel at Mach 7-10 close to the ground without producing sonic booms, do not dive into the ground without an accompanying explosion, and do not pass through trees or forests with impunity! The numerous photographs on my WEB site attest to these facts. See additional photographic plates (Plate 1,Plate 2 Plate 2 a&b Sound Tables,Plate 3,Plate 4) and map with locations and flight paths (Plate 5) at the end of this report.



Some areas yielded unexpected unnatural magnetic anomalies that cannot be attributed to human cultural activity, such as buried electrical lines, pipes, etc. (figures: [3][4][5][6][7][8][9]). Using a proton magnetometer at and around the Jewish Cemetery along Rt. 52 between Pine Bush and Walden, NY (Figure 3), I detected intermittent magnetic signals at two locations (Figure 4: stations #1 and #2). Dr. Crystall (1991) reported an unusual amount of paranormal activity and AOP sightings at and around the Jewish Cemetery, which is what led me to begin my magnetic survey there. For example, Dr. Crystall and four other people witnessed a triangular AOP hovering above the cemetery (illustrated in her book), and it is within and around the cemetery that she photographed unusual "Tesla" globes of unknown origin. Her book illustrates a photograph of a 2 x 3 foot "pod mark" which she claims was caused by a craft that had landed inside the cemetery fence (Crystall, 1991: Fig. 2). Station #1 is located next to the entrance to the cemetery, and anomalous signals were first detected there on 14 June 1992. While trying to obtain a stable natural measurement for the Earth's magnetic field in that location, I got back repeated anomalous magnetic spikes 11,000 gammas above what they should have been (Figure 5). I took measurements every ten seconds for eight minutes, and found only two measurements close to normal during that entire time interval! At first I thought that the instrument was malfunctioning, or that I was picking up surges in the electrical lines across the road. When measurements along Albany Post Road also contained these regular repetitious spikes (see base map A), I became concerned that I would not be able to conduct a magnetic survey. I took the magnetometer back to Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory and had it checked out. It checked out just fine. The instrument was operating normally and accurately.

When I returned to the valley and began taking more measurements on 16 June, I got normal stable measurements at all my stations. I then began my survey, having to go back to areas that I had measured previously. The second time areas that had initially recorded anomalous signals all gave normal reproducible measurements. On 18 June 1992 at 8:02 p.m., however, something extraordinary happened. I was shot with an electromagnetic beam device as I took readings along side Albany Post Rd. The incident occurred at Station # 21 (see Map A) next to a large open field about 0.2 miles south of Bruyn Rd. After I had taken a few normal measurements, a shot rang out and I felt a sting on my lower left chest. I had just pressed the button to take another measurement on the portable computer hanging from my neck. When the reading came up it was 500 gammas below normal! I saw my shirt move in and out where I was hit. Since I did not see a hole nor saw any blood appear on my shirt, I calmly collected my equipment and put it back into my truck. When I got home I checked my chest and found a large round brown bruise with yellow rim the size of a quarter on my lower chest opposite my left kidney. The skin was indented like a concave dish and there was a small red dot at its center. After that event whenever I came out into the field at night I would be greeted by unusual lights rising from adjacent fields. Had I been tagged with a tracking device like we tag wild animals? I do not know, but whatever happened it soon became apparent that I was now being watched by more than the local residents. Nothing anomalous shows up on x-rays of the involved area of my body.

My unannounced presence in the area apparently caused the shut down of most underground transmissions, or limited them to times when I was not there. I went back to the cemetery and took measurements all around the area, but found nothing out of the ordinary, except under the electrical lines across the road. I frequently went back to old stations in order to verify previous readings. But on 13 September 1992 when I re measured Station #1 at the cemetery entrance, I found it to be "alive" with anomalous signals (figures [6][7][8][9]). Using two sensors on my Proton Magnetometer, one at either end of a long aluminum pole, I was able to determine orientation of the signals. First I oriented the pole vertically and took a sequence of 39 measurements (Figure 6). Most measurements were taken every five to ten seconds. The computer on the magnetometer recorded each measurement and assigned to it a sequential number and the Julian time, to the nearest second, at which the measurement was taken. Then I oriented the pole horizontally in a direction perpendicular to Rt. 52, and took another sequence of measurements (Figure 7). Finally, I oriented the pole parallel to Rt. 52 in a horizontal position (Figure 8). This procedure was repeated for every station indicated on the map layout in Figure 3. When I was near an underground transmitter all three orientations registered significant magnetic anomalies. When I was more than ten paces from an underground signal source (my pace is 3.2 feet or one meter), only the horizontal orientation towards the source detected the signal (Figure 9), while the other orientations gave me background readings (Figure 10). The further the distance from the source I was, the weaker the signal strength as measured by the number of anomalous spikes and their intensity. Two transmitters spaced about 465 feet apart were identified and located, while a third was provisionally located in a triad position (Figure 4). The third signal source was much weaker than the others as if it represented a neutral balance. What I had detected was an intelligent pattern of signals coming not from space to Earth, but from Earth going out into space! Shades of the new movie, The Arrival, starring Charlie Sheen.

I came back the next day to see if I could collect more data, and found both underground transmitters inactive. But when I stood near or over the place where I had detected the strongest signal the day before, I got an unstable reading on my magnetometer. The Proton Magnetometer is so sensitive that it can detect a slight variation in the magnetic field. When detecting the natural magnetism of the Earth, the instrument will give a measurement with a precision of xxxxxx.1, xxxxxx.3, etc. If there is any variation more frequent than one or two seconds, no decimal point value will be given, and I would get xxxxxx._. Adjacent to or over the transmitters all values were without fractions, indicating that the transmitters were turned on, but that they were not sending out any signals.

I showed my data to a physicist, who told me that I had detected a polarized magnetic photon source of energy coming out of the ground. He said that such a source of energy was theoretically possible, but during the time he had worked as a physicist for the Navy he had never seen an instrument or device capable of generating such a signal. I asked him why we could not see the photon energy (See Fig. B) being beamed out of the ground, and he said because it was polarized and outside the range of visual detection. I asked him about the wild onions growing next to transmitter no. 1, the flower stalks of which had all bent naturally downwards as if the flower meristems had grown towards a light source coming from the ground! He said they most probably were able to detect and utilize this unnatural source of photon energy, and were growing towards the "invisible" light. I asked him how deep the transmitters might be buried, and at first he said that they couldn't be buried too deeply. I asked him why, and in rethinking the question he realized that he didn't know enough to make a judgment. He agreed with me that they could be at any depth if that kind of energy could travel through rock and soil. Even though the light was invisible, he said that I was able to detect it because of its strong magnetic component. The transmitter array is located at the center of a natural magnetic dipole, which provides it some measure of camouflage from unbelieving and skeptical scientists. Humans tend to see only what they want to see.

When I first looked at the Walden 7.5' quadrangle map, I saw an unusual topographic feature that resembled a large crater. The feature was highly subdued, but was reflected by both stream pattern distribution and geographic slope contours. I thought it might represent an ancient crater. I contacted people in my field both at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory and at the New York Geological Survey. No one knew of a crater in New York State, let alone at that location. When I went into the field I found no evidence for any kind of impact structure within the boundaries of this circular outline, and yet this feature cut across natural erosional trends within the valley. I made a map of this unusual feature (Figure 11). My training and experience from working eleven years in the oil industry enabled me to recognize subtle and natural surface expressions of underlying geologic structure.

But what I also discovered was that little geological work had been done in the area, and few recent maps or studies exist. The most recent geologic study was done by Holzwasser in 1926, and the only geochemical study by Moxham in 1972! The most recent regional aerial survey maps were done in 1977 by LKB Resources, Inc., PA, for the Department of Energy. They are listed in advertisement brochures for sale by the U.S. Geological Survey, but they are not available. My efforts to find a source only led me to dead ends. I was even told by the U.S.G.S. map office to call a branch of the CIA for a copy, but was told by the CIA that none were for sale. Finally I was able to obtain copies from someone at the New York Geological Survey. There are three maps showing aerial surveys for radioactive Potassium, Thorium, and Uranium over the region. There is an interesting and perhaps significant dip in radioactivity within the valley. This is unusual, since the valley is largely floored by the Snake Hill Formation, which consists mostly of black shales and graywackes. Black shales are notoriously more radioactive than most other types of rock, and measurements I took at the surface with a Geiger counter confirmed its above normal content of radioactive minerals. But then why did the survey show the valley where this black shale is concentrated has below normal radiation levels? Suspicious minds might jump to conclusions, but consider this: One possible explanation is leaching from acid rain, but acid rain in most areas of the world is a relatively recent phenomenon connected to industrial development. Fresh outcrop is hot, but soils that cover most bedrock and old weathered outcrops in the area are not hot. But why is this valley more depleted in nucleotides at the surface than other valleys that contain black shales? The answer may lie in the frequent and long term use of the valley as a corridor for unconventional craft, which use plasmas for their source of light. Photographs provided in my WEB file and in this update show how plasma lights oxidize the atmosphere to form oxides of nitrogen and nitric acid. Prolonged exposure of the ground over thousands of years to mild excesses of acid in the air could be responsible for the anomalous radiation dip on the D.O.E. maps. This valley is the western extension of the "AOP Corridor" in New York State (see Night Siege: Hynek et al., 1987).

Seismic surveys across the valley have also been conducted by major oil companies. But those seismic lines are also not readily accessible (proprietary data). The latest ones were done in the 1960's by Chevron and Amoco. Information on one line along Route 52 between Pine Bush and Walden, NY, indicates the presence of numerous high angle shallow reflectors, which make imaging of deeper structures impossible. Such reflectors are consistent with the presence of igneous (granitic) intrusives. These intrusives also provide excellent cover for an underground alien base, making it impossible to detect seismically, particularly if the bases are located within or below the granitic masses.


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