A Continuing History of Sightings of Triangular-shaped Craft
in the Wallkill River Valley of New York State

Figure 11
TLP banking in front of cameras

jpg 600x215 22k jpg 1500x538 80k

Computer Enhancement of 17 May TLP Images

jpg 504x423 48k
Twelve computer enhanced and embossed images are provided for the 17 May TLP event, during the bank, turn, and apparent barrel roll maneuver. Four of these images, which have been further enhanced (additional saturation and contrast added), are provided to the right. Detecting the shape of any stealth aircraft at night is difficult even with current CCD imaging and computer technology. And yet subtle differences between the craft and background allow partial detection of its shape.

Figures 1 to 3 show that the leading edge of a triangular-shaped craft is detectable with embossing. This front edge becomes very evident when additional gamma saturation of the pixels is applied. Figure 2 not only shows how the craft's shape disrupts the normal scanline pattern of the background, but reveals an unusual radial pattern around the craft (arrows). If this radial pattern is not the result of software enhancement, it may reflect an enveloping energy field.

Figures 4 to 6 give some indication of the delta shape of this craft, but even in the enhanced version to the right, only a subtle triangular disruption of the background patterns can be detected. No evidence is present which implies a conventional jetliner shape: That is, cigar-shaped fuselage with wings sticking out. Normally the lights on a conventional aircraft will reflect enough light off of the gray-aluminum frame around them to highlight a typical aircraft design, but in none of these images is such a pattern clearly evident.

Figures 7 to 9 reveal some additional details of this craft's shape. In Figure 7 there is a slight indication of a central body between the nose light and rear central light (arrows). The enlargement in Figure 11 of the main text shows an elongate "shadow" pattern, which was interpreted by a skeptic as proof that what we videotaped was nothing more than a garden variety jetliner. But even stealth aircraft can have central bodies and contours. What is atypical about the central body in Figure 7 is its shape, which expands or widens forward rapidly, unlike the shape of a conventional airframe. In addition, the rear of the craft terminates abruptly, and can be detected as a solid line connecting the outermost lights. There is no indication of a tail section as occurs behind the wings of a commercial jetliner. Figure 8 further reveals a wedge or delta nose on the craft, which shows up in the gamma saturated version to the right as a series of parallel traces (arrows) or reflections (pixel ghosts).

Figures 10 to 12 also show a faint indication of a triangular shape, and how it disrupts the background pattern completely in the enhanced version to the right. If wings and a cigar-shaped fuselage were present, the background pattern should extend into areas between them, but it doesn't. Instead, what is indicated are straight lines of structure extending between the lights (arrows). This is interpreted as probable evidence for a solid triangular-shaped body.

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