A Continuing History of Sightings of Triangular-shaped Craft
in the Wallkill River Valley of New York State
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Fig 1
Centre UFO Hot Spot
jpg 600x469 65k
jpg 1500x1173 206k
Fig 2
West Searsville Rd., Montgomery, NY
jpg 600x204 17k
jpg 1500x510 57k
Fig 3
Boeing 707-shaped UFO
jpg 600x161 14k
jpg 1500x403 53k
Fig 4
West Searsville Rd. Montgomery, NY
jpg 600x110 12k
jpg 1500x384 85k
Fig 5
18 June 1994, Oscillations develop after shutter opens
jpg 600x396 35k
jpg 1500x659 71k
Fig 6
Note uneven movent of lights.
jpg 589x304 21k
Fig 7
South Searsville Rd., Montgomery, NY.
jpg 600x588 60k
jpg 918x900 102k
Fig 8
TLP - Note low altitude
jpg 547x450 35k
Fig 9
May 17, 1997 TLP
jpg 500x265 21k
jpg 780x414 42k
Fig 10
May 17, 1997 TLP
jpg 600x264 29k
jpg 1075x473 62k
Fig 11
TLP banking in front of cameras
jpg 600x215 22k
jpg 1500x538 80k
Fig 12
Video frames compared to time exposure
jpg 600x229 28k
jpg 1500x573 108k
Fig 13
Center UFO Hotspot
jpg 600x473 55k
jpg 988x779 101k
Fig 14
Second roll over
jpg 600x266 32k
jpg 1266x562 94k
Fig 15
May 17, 1997 Looking due east
jpg 500x333 21k
jpg 881x587 50k
Fig 16
Descending below tree top level, plasma plume
jpg 600x234 22k
jpg 1278x499 58k

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