A Continuing History of Sightings of Triangular-shaped Craft
in the Wallkill River Valley of New York State

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Unusual and anomalous performances of TLPs have been going on over and around Pine Bush for more than three decades (Crystall, Silent Invasion, 1991), and they will continue to occur despite the confusion created by skeptics who say that what people are seeing are conventional aircraft because of the light patterns they display, the sounds they produce, and the proximity of two airports. It continues to amaze us that so few UFO investigators have taken this hotspot seriously. The opinions and beliefs of some investigators with whom we have had contact may be the reason why. Too few people are well trained in aircraft observation, even though they may think they are. Too often we have heard a person standing on West Searsville Rd. say, just after a TLP passed overhead, that it was only a jet, propeller-driven plane, or helicopter because of the sound it produced, even though the craft was not clearly visible. They were too easily persuaded to stereotype the event based on inadequate data, and too willing to look past or discount anomalous evidence. It is usually these same people who then leave the area spreading disinformation to others about what they think is happening at Pine Bush. In this case, disinformation does not come from outside the community of UFO enthusiasts and investigators, but from within it. Without videos, time exposures, and sound recordings, which can be analyzed scientifically, in our opinion it is a waste of time for people to look for UFOs in the Wallkill River valley. Any valid sightings then become submerged in the background noise of anecdotal folklore.

Why are TLPs so difficult to identify there, whereas in other areas they seem to leave witnesses with more obvious physical clues, such as descriptions of discs or crop circles? The answer may lie in two explanations: 1) a general information embargo by extraterrestrials and 2) intentional misdirection, as a mother bird will do when a potential predator or threat comes too close to its young or to the nest.

James W. Deardorff (1986) at the beginning of his paper, Possible extraterrestrial strategy for Earth, (Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol. 27, 94-101), summarizes: "The arguments are reviewed which hold that our Galaxy is nearly saturated with extraterrestrial life forms, that our existence requires in hindsight that they were and are benevolent towards us, and that our lack of detection of them or communications from them implies that an embargo is established against us to prevent any premature knowledge of them. An inconsistency is detected, in that any sudden lifting of the embargo in a manner obvious to the public would cause societal chaos and possibly touch off a nuclear exchange, while any communications received via radio telescope would likely be either quickly confiscated by government agencies and not revealed to the public, or heavily censored. The inconsistency is that the advanced civilization should be expected to have planned some other strategy, if it is actually benevolent, experienced and intelligent...... These arguments have caused much debate on 'Where are they?' and 'Why haven't we seen them?' Rather than defaulting in the face of these questions, attention has now shifted towards hypotheses about the extraterrestrials which might explain our apparent failure to have been contacted or exploited."

Deardorff goes on to say, "Harrison collected and extended these ideas by proposing that a 'biogalactic' law naturally exists wherein intelligent life forms which are destructively aggressive tend to wipe themselves out in a solar system of their birth and do not go on to colonize a galaxy. He concluded that the reason we have not yet noticed any advanced civilization in the Galaxy may be that the selection process places an embargo on direct contact with any civilization still planet-bound. The embargo would be such that 'civilizations must not be encouraged or aided to quit their planets prematurely. They must prove their fitness to mingle with alien creatures, and there is no better way of demonstrating unfitness than self-desctruction'..... Even a gradual public awareness of an extraterrestrial existence and eventual appearance would, over a several-month period even, still be such a shocking revelation that it could cause economic chaos and topple governments. The religious consequences alone could be huge, since large masses of people would likely begin to question the basis of their own beliefs if an extraterrestrial presence were confirmed. That is, any religion based upon worship or adoration of a human figure may no longer seem valid or universal upon learning of the definite existence of extraterrestrials having a history of many thousands or millions of years, and upon learning possibly of the alien religious or spiritual leanings, if any. Hence benevolent extraterrestrials are expected to avoid this abrupt course of action."

Under 'An extraterrestrial communication plan compatible with the embargo', Deardorff says, "One possibility, given that the extraterrestrial race had somehow studied human society for a considerable time period without our knowledge, and understood human psychology well, is as follows. The extraterrestrial communications could be emplaced in a manner easily accessible to the general public but in a form not acceptable or believable to scientists. Government agencies, upon advice from scientists, would then take no actions, and the embargo would more or less remain intact. Awareness of what was taking place would then proceed very gradually - no faster than humankind in general was inherently prepared to accept the extraterrestrial messages. In this way the extraterrestrial intelligence need make no hasty decision on precisely when or if humankind was prepared to recieve their communications, or whether governments could be trusted to forward the communications faithfully to the people in general. There would be no forceful extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs, so that governments would still be free to initiate a nuclear holocaust if they so desired, thus quickly answering the question of whether or not mankind is ethically prepared to enter a new 'cosmic' age."

"A scenario for this type of extraterrestrial strategy might involve their communicating with just one or a very few recipients scattered about the globe. A recipient would be supplied with a comprehensive message over an extended time period, so that he or she could fully understand it, and would also be allowed to gather extensive evidence on the reality of the events so as to be able to gain some measure of public acceptance of the messages. However, in order that scientists in general should not be alerted, only the recipient would be allowed to partake in the communication sessions and to witness the extraterrestials themselves. The messages might, moreover, contain vague descriptions of extraterrestrial technological achievements that would read like magic or science fiction. They might even contain a few absurdities purposely added; these, along with the absence of any detailed instructions on how to effect any technological breakthroughs, would help ensure that any scientists who happened to learn about the communications would regard them as hoaxes or fiction. The evidence would also be rejected by scientists because of the demand that tentative acceptance of the reality of an event requires that it either be reproducible or repeatable at will, or have been observed by trusted investigators. Meantime, the messages would get published, translated into various languages, and distributed throughout the world amonst other occult literature. A large number of publishing companies already handle similar literature." Deardorff concludes: "The embargo against Earth would thus be a leaky one, designed to hold against scientists and governments in general while very gradually giving way to the general public." (Deardorff, 1986: 94-99).

Steven V. Johnson, artist and webmaster for Bruce's home page, provided a most interesting response after reviewing a video of the 17 May TLP event. He said in a letter sent on 6 June: "Taking your claims into consideration, this causes me to ponder a controversial premise which I'd like to run past you, asking you for your input. It would almost seem that your acrobatic, other worldly aeronauts/astronauts have a very sophisticated sense of humor (not my first choice I might add!) or that they have revealed to you the fact that they know EXACTLY how to fool observers on the ground who are attempting to visually document (video tape) them with essentially a "counter illusion" that causes the unusual flight maneuver to be easily (and quite naturally I might add) discounted and reinterpreted as a more prosaic maneuver. What an amazingly sophisticated way of covering up their aerodynamic clandestine activities. It almost makes me think of the famous Star Trek law: "The Non Interference Directive." Perhaps, your visitors are still law-bound NOT to give you undeniable evidence that you could present to the skeptical/scientific community that would force our planet to conclude that they really do exist flying (and flippin about!) in our skies. But that doesn't mean that they can't play around with the "Non Interference Directive" rule by allowing you to PERSONALLY (almost intimately I might add) record a clearly unnatural flying maneuver, but ONLY as long as their aerodynamic activities would be recorded in such a way as to cause most skeptics to interpret the maneuver in a more prosaic way. This premise of mine produces TWO very interesting conclusions: (1) Skeptics will continue to have all the "evidence" they need to deny the existence of these particular "UFOs," meaning, Ah! My world and the skies above are still a safe and predictable place, and (2) It gives YOU further conclusive PHYSICAL PROOF that these "UFOs" are behaving in totally un-aerodynamically ways that strongly suggests that there is technology involved here that doesn't appear to belong to "us." How truly, TRULY, ironic! I must confess that I find this "ironic" and convoluted conclusion of mine hard to swallow. It's assuming a lot of unsupported subjective assumptions that I have no way of verifying or falsifying. It's pure and simple guess work on my part, and totally unscientific."

Johnson describes well the leaky embargo hypothesis of Deardorff in action. Need we say more? Was that why the 17 May TLP event corresponded in time with the landing of an American Airlines jet at Stewart airport, giving the skeptic adequate reason to believe that what we witnessed was nothing more than a routine commercial flight, especially when the compass direction at which the TLP disappeared was in the same general direction as Stewart airport? So that we do not risk exposing a possible information embargo any more, we will leave it up to the readers to decide for themselves: Is it Pine Bush or Pine Bluff?

Copyright 1997 B. Cornet and W.M. Whitford.

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