"Origin and meaning behind the SOW logo"

SOW stands for Sirius Onion Works, and is a pun on the Greek and Egyptian mythology about the Sirius and Orion star systems. The name is in part derived from Orion Works, the domain name for Steven V. Johnson's website, where the Sirius Onion Works presentations by Dr. Cornet previously resided. Orion was changed to Onion in part because the southern portion of the Wallkill River valley (the subject area for this website) is a major onion farming region, and in part because the onion symbolizes the Pine Bush mystery, a mystery that has to be peeled back layer by layer to reveal the core truths. Corn is included in the logo in part because of its agricultural importance in the northern portion of the valley, and in part because of its mythological symbolism.

The logo displays a portion of an ancient Greek painting on display at the Louvre. The mythological Cadmus of Thebes is shown slaying the serpent or dragon. The serpent symbol was prominent amongst the skyglyphs created for Cornet's camera by the plasma lights of triangular and diamond-shaped craft (e.g. Plate 2, the snaking serpent skyglyph in Volume II). Cadmus and Jason were the two Greek heroes who SOWed the serpent's teeth, and this serpent has prominent rows of teeth, not fangs. The serpent symbolizes the Sirius constellation, while Cadmus is shown in the relative position of the Orion constellation (Temple, 1987, The Sirius mystery).

The Sirius and Orion constellations rise to the east over the valley at night, with Sirius situated to the left (north) and Orion to the right (south). The shield of Cadmus is shown as an onion, symbolizing Orion. The serpent is shown climbing a corn stalk in its attempt to reach and control the Earth at the top of the column. The corn stalk, representing the Corn Goddess, is included because a skyglyph image of a green Greek temple (like the one at Delphi) was deliberately projected on top of a mature field of corn for one of Cornet's more spectacular pictures (Plate 1, Volume II).


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