"What happened to OrionWorks?"

The following is the statement regarding Steven V. Johnson's decision to no longer host web pages dealing with Ufology.


As of midnight, 31 December 1998, Steven V. Johnson will no longer host web sites on the subject of Ufology at www.OrionWorks.com. This includes the Special Presentations at www.orionworks.com/special.html: Roswell Reporter by Donald R. Schmitt, and Dr. Bruce Cornet, AOP Researcher, volumes I to III, on the Pine Bush Phenomenon. His reasons can be summed up in his own words:

"I've had enough of UFOlogy for the moment. It's time for me to move on into another chapter. Perhaps it's time for many of us (myself included) to go underground and quietly assimilate the wealth of experiences we've put ourselves through for the last ten years or so. You really do sound like you are doing some good work, Bruce, both externally and internally. I understand your frustrations. I also am happy to hear that you've hooked up with a group of scientists who want to investigate the phenomenon in a more discrete way, at least, for now. I am encouraged to hear that apparently increasing numbers of scientists ARE beginning to look at the phenomenon in a more serious way. More now than in the past. The fact that they are being discrete about their investigations does not surprise me in the least. I agree with all the reasons you cite regarding the problems of UFOlogy and why the majority of the scientific establishment refuses [to] "get down and dirty" to investigate this legitimate field. Who can blame them for not wanting [to] risk their careers. I think we have individuals like Dr. Condon to thank for that. Sagan, in my view, was simply another casualty. But the times are a changing, though perhaps a bit more slowly than what many of us would like. May your scientific investigations continue to bear fruit as we enter the next millennium! Take your time, Bruce, and gather the necessary scientific evidence. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future."


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