By Pickover, C. (April, 1997)

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The Alien IQ Test is an irresistibly addictive book for anyone whose juices flow when presented with baffling puzzles, and dizzying array of graphic brainteasers, all devised (if you dare to believe) by aliens who have arrived to asses our intelligence in such far-flung areas of the human mind as abstract reasoning, mathematics, religion, morality, and humanity's concept of beauty. Guaranteed to boggle the brain of even the most avid puzzle fan, The Alien IQ Test will have you squirming in frustration and begging for more.

"The strange-looking puzzles in this book come from another world -- a world where small gray beings visit us only at night. I know these ideas are going to be hard for most of you to swallow."

The Los Angeles Times recently proclaimed that Clifford Pickover
"stretches the limits of computers, art, and thought." OMNI magazine described Pickover as "van Leeuwenhoek's 20th century equivalent." The Washington Post called his work "dazzling," and Scientific American called his research "strange, beautiful, and stunning."

As you read this book, aliens have arrived to assess our intelligence in areas ranging from mathematics to god to humanity's concepts of beauty. Think of this book as mental ocean. As you surf, each puzzle exercises a different style of thinking. Be careful not to get caught in the undertow.

"Without moving their mouths, the aliens communicated that they had a test to give me, a test for humanity. Were they trying to assess humanity's intelligence before entering into a partnership with humankind? Were we simply guinea pigs in an experiment we could not fully understand?"

Clifford A. Pickover is lead columnist for the brain-boggler column in Discover magazine. He received his Ph.D. from Yale University and is the author of numerous books melding astronomy, mathematics, art, science, computers, creativity and other seemingly-disparate areas of human endeavor. He holds several U.S. patents and is the associate editor for various scientific journals.

Book's Table of Contents:

Here are some blurbs from the book jacket:

"The most original -- and challenging -- puzzle book for years. Clifford Pickover just seems to exist in more dimensions than the rest of us."
- Ian Stewart, Professor of Mathematics, University of Warwick

"That he gets his ideas from aliens while sleeping is the most plausible explanation I've heard of how Cliff Pickover keeps coming up with these thought-provoking questions and engaging riddles."
- Julien C. Sprott, Professor of Physics, University of Wisconsin

"If earthly problems and puzzles have become too mundane for you -- match wits with those in Pickover's new and literally far out The Alien IQ Test. Another ingenious twist by a master of puzzles and brainteasers."
- Theoni Pappas, author of The Joy of Mathematics

"If pop culture (the Hollywood blockbuster Independence Day, hit TV shows like the X-Files and Third Rock from the Sun) is a prophet to be trusted, aliens may soon outnumber humans on this planet. Fortunately... a manual will ease the strain of forced introductions. The strange, symbolic transmissions we've received from outer space (haven't we?) are collected by Clifford Pickover in THE ALIEN IQ TEST: ARE WE UP TO THE CHALLENGE? The problems, puzzles, and questions in this Basic Books title are intended to assess human intelligence -- making this a quiz we simply mustn't fail."
- Publisher's Weekly, January 20, 1997, p. 346

"Clifford Pickover is many things -- scientist, scholar, author, editor, and visionary -- and so it may surprise some that he seems to be embracing the shadowy world of alien visitation and abduction. Yet the man OMNI magazine recently described as "Van Leeuwenhoek's 20th century equivalent" has just written a book titled THE ALIEN IQ TEST that is filled, in his own words, with "strange looking puzzles... from another world -- a world where small gray beings visit us only at night." Perhaps in subtle jest, perhaps in utter seriousness, Pickover would have us believe that this illustrated collection of mindbenders came to him in a dream (or was it a dream?), and is a "universal standard" by which some extraterrestrial civilization is judging our basic intelligence and capacity for logic. GAMES is pleased to provide an advance sample (direct from a secret government installation, under the tightest security) of the puzzles contained therein, to allow you to test your cosmic awareness."
- Games magazine, April, 1997, pg 48.

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