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Comment by: Allen Kraft

If you ask me the government needs to stop hiding the truth before its to late for the human race. You can bet the reason that the gov. has covered up the truth for so long is not for national security. Its more like national deception. It all has something to do with money, or greed in some fasion. We the people need to stand up and take charge. After all, this is our government. We own it. They work for us. We need to band together and make some real changes. No more cover ups. No more rip offs. If people only knew how much tax $ the Feds receive each year and what they really do with it. We have the right to know just whats going on and how far they really have sold us down the river. If the reports are true that the gov't is working with the aliens, then we are allready to far gone to save. Think about it, the gov't has abused, mishandled, and pretty much blundered everything they get their hands on, especially when it comes to financial situations. How can we trust them to represent us. Any aliens dealing with us now are sure to be hostile by the time the Feds get done screwing their eyes out. Truly, Im shaking in my boots. They are out there and were in for a rude awakening.

Comment by: Ted Toal

I was a skeptic from age 18 to age 43 (a subscriber to Skeptical Inquirer, even!), but in the last 5 months I've become a believer, as a result of a lot of study of books and videos.

1. The govt. coverup really bothers me. I am a strong believer in living the truth. Pursuit of the truth has been a theme throughout my life, and at times it has been very difficult for me to shift my understanding and thinking as new truths became clear to me. Yet, I feel I grew from those experiences. I believe mankind, and not just a few cognoscenti, deserve to know the truth, and would not only adjust to it, but would be all the better for knowing it.

2. The very existence of the govt. coverup tells us something about what is being covered up. I do not think the coverup would have lasted this long if the only issue being covered were that UFOs are extraterrestrial in nature. A concern about possible mass hysteria is well-founded, but I believe this could be avoided with careful planning and announcement. There must be more to the story than that, and it would seem that the rest of the story must be quite negative in nature. Perhaps some of the more bizarre and frightening stories about aliens planning a takeover of the earth are indeed real. But it doesn't seem likely. If they wanted to do this, I imagine that it would be as easy as a flick of the switch for them to wipe us all out, leaving the rest of the biosphere intact.

3. Assuming the UFOs are real, the fact that they allow themselves to be seen, but do not make direct contact, tells us something about their motives. If they desired not to be seen, they surely could do this with that kind of technology. Clearly, the occasional sightings are intentional on their part, and perhaps have been going on for centuries. Why? One theory would be that they want to gradually indoctrinate us to their presence. This theory doesn't seem to fit the pattern of observations. As far as I can tell, there has not been much of a change in the frequency of sightings over the years, other than can be accounted for by a larger human population and better worldwide communications. It seems more likely to me that they want to make themselves known to at least some people, but do not wish to make their presence overtly obvious. I can't come up with any good theory for why they might do this. I predict that the situation will remain this way, though, i.e. that we will continue to have occasional sightings for hundreds of years to come, with no absolute confirming contact.

4. The fact that UFOs are here at this time in human development, when we have reached a planetary crisis stage with regard to human overpopulation, is interesting. It is very interesting that there are numerous reports of aliens telling humans that we are destroying our planet ecologically. Yet I have never heard even one story of an alien telling a human that we are overpopulated. Since we clearly are, and since that is clearly the biggest contributor to our ecological dilemma, why wouldn't the aliens be mentioning this subject? This leads me to suspect that the alleged stories of aliens talking about our environmental crisis are simply not true. Those stories reflect the thinking of the mainstream environmental movement, which largely ignores overpopulation.

5. The crop circle phenomenon is fascinating. I'm about 75% convinced that these are created by UFOs, not hoaxers. But what could possibly be the explanation in that case? Why would they do it? There has been no clear pattern of communication. Again, it seems like they are just saying, "We're here." Nothing else.

6. The cattle and other animal mutilation is also a very curious phenomenon. I can think of no reason why aliens with such advanced technology would need to do this. They could surely monitor for environmental poisons without going to this kind of extreme. They surely don't need the material for their own nutritional needs: I would think they could grow it themselves on board a spaceship, using genetically modified cow cells that produced whatever substances they need, fed by energy derived from their ship energy source. And the number of mutilations just doesn't seem to be enuf to satisfy very much nutritional need anyway. They could destroy the carcass, but instead leave it lying in the field, looking extremely bizarre, frightening anybody that sees it. Why?

7. I would expect that beings with this kind of technology would long ago have understood genetic engineering completely, and would have reengineered their bodies to work better: better vision, hearing, etc. They would have engineered them for spaceflight. They may have changed themselves so that they have no digestive system (as some reports indicate), and take sustenance in some other way, through a more direct energy input. And certainly they would have complete understanding of the operation of their own brains, and would have modified them to work vastly better than the original. I would expect them to be far superior to us in intelligence, and I think this would be the main reason why they would avoid contact with us.

8. Reports of development of a hybrid alien species using human genetic material don't seem to jive for me. I would expect that beings with that kind of technology would have absolutely no need for human genetic material. I would expect them to have a library of genetic material from trillions of creatures on thousands or millions of planets. They could collect all the genetic material of mankind easily, by collecting a few thousand skin samples. The stories of electro-ejaculation sound extremely far-fetched to me, as do stories of fetal implantation. They would surely be able to grow fetuses in vitro. Finally, I would expect them to be able to simulate evolution using advanced computer technology, and be able to evolve new genetic material for themselves within a computerized virtual world. It just doesn't make any sense at all that they would be doing these genetic experiments.

9. Reports of telepathy: despite years of trying, there are no success stories re experimental research into it. There are no theories that I know of about how it might even work. From what we know so far about the brain and neural networks, there is no hint that telepathy is lurking around somewhere. I don't totally dismiss it, but it is one of the more difficult areas to believe in.

10. What about nanoengineering? Wouldn't beings of such technology have developed nanoengineering to the point where they could reengineer THEMSELVES as nanocreatures? The reported humanoid forms of aliens are highly suspicious of wishful anthropomorphic thinking. If these reports are true, then we have to ask what the truth of human evolution is, because it would then be clear that we shared a genetic history with these aliens. If they did indeed seed life on earth and then interfere with our genetic development numerous times, it becomes an interesting question as to what extent the theory of evolution is correct. Another question: could the human genome project reveal the existence of such genetic manipulations?

11. Reports of aliens walking through walls: totally bizarre! Beings that can do this need to collect sperm from humans, or blood from cows??

In short, when I try to put together the pieces of this puzzle based on my own knowledge and what I have read about UFOs, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I may be overestimating what they should be technologically capable of, but I doubt it, more likely I am underestimating. There is simply too little information, and too much disinformation.

I find that I have to just suspend all judgment and try to gather more information. Perhaps someday pieces will fall into place.

Comment by: Twallner

I believe that UFOs are a manifestation of something that is part of this planet. I don't believe it is extraterrestrial. I believe it is something that has assisted our evolution the way that periodic conditioning alters an animal's response to stimuli. I believe it is evil and good when it is necessary to achieve its goal of planetary equilibrium. Its definition of "planetary equilibrium" has yet to be understood. UFOs are just one of many forms that this control system can take.

Perhaps it is slowly nudging us toward a new behavior one abduction at a time using the good cop/bad cop routine. I believe abductions are staged events by this control system for our understanding. Abductions are something that we can identify with. Humans have abducted members of other races and species and experimented on them throughout earth's history. It isn't the results of the experiment that are of interest. It is the act itself. We are property. This control system believes it has the right to do this. Abductions create memories that are meant to be remembered by certain triggers. A dentist's drug is more affective at blocking memories.

I believe this control system is also manifesting itself in other paranormal and psychic areas. However, UFOs by their technical nature tend to attract, and subsequently, control people receptive to a technical belief system. UFOs have exhibited many characteristics of a new religion. Often it is not whether UFOs exist, but whether a person believes they exist.

I believe that this control system has the ultimate goal of preserving the planet - at a cost to some species including humans. In a mocking way, this control system shadows our society's advances by giving pre-selected humans previews of the near future. I believe this control system will expose and thwart any attempts by anyone or any governement to destroy this planet. It is presenting itself as the conscience of the planet. Using the systems approach to understanding environmental balance, UFOs are a sign of environmental stress. UFOs are a kind of "in your face" feedback that something is not right with the world. Humans will eventually have to accept the fact that we are just tenants renting acreage on something else's property. Governments are powerless to protect us from this control system. In mocking fashion, UFOs will often uncover government secrecy in sometimes humorous ways. Governments will learn to cooperate with this system (if they are not already).

Governments are fearful because this control system can render entire defense systems useless. It can disarm nuclear warheads. It can alter weather patterns. It can work at a global or microscopic scale. It has all the time in the world. But, its patience is being tested. We look to governments for answers they cannot provide. The answers will be found within each of us. We are the problem and the solution. Like a problem child, we are being disciplined. We are somehow linked to this other entity in ways that do appear to be symbiotic. It could have wiped us out long ago. Yet, we are still here dispite ourselves! An alien take-over does not make sense.

This control system has always managed to remain just slightly ahead of our time. But not so far ahead that is totally beyond our comprehension. Like a rabbit in a dog race, our curiosity drives us to pursue this mystery until we have understood it (or died trying).

I believe there are extraterrestrial civilizations. However, the UFO phenomenon, as experienced in this millennium, is the product of this earth-based control system. It occupies the same time but a different space. It can manipulate this space-time in ways well beyond our contemporary imaginations.

Control is the goal (I think). The jury is still out.

Some small comments made:

I believe in life on different planets than earth, but it doesn't have to be that their technology is better than ours. So I don't believe in UFO's

Facing the facts in outer space (time,space and physical laws, light speed etc.) things like UFOs are impossible. The whole sky mechanic would have to be invented newly before believing in such things.

There are so many cover-ups that there must be something out there, why hide something that isn't there.

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