UFO Reality is Breaking Through

by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

Recent and upcoming developments point to public disclosure of UFO and extraterrestrial reality in the very near future.

The GAO (Congressional investigative agency) has completed its investigation of the cover-up of documents related to the 1947 Roswell saucer crash retrieval and autopsies of extraterrestrial bodies. This investigation had been commissioned by Congressman Steven Schiff of NM. Senator Diane Feinstein joined in requesting that the GAO look into the Roswell Incident.

The GAO's Report about its Roswell and related saucer crashes documentation findings was presented to Congressman Schiff and Senator Feinstein on July 28, 1995, and immediately released to the press by Congressman Schiff.

The Roswell Report said that key military documents were apparently destroyed without authorization. Congressman Schiff characterized these documents as "important," and that they "should have provided more information." Schiff said "The military cannot explain who destroyed them or why." Schiff added that Air Force explanations "never fit the fact of high military security used at the time."

According to Representative Schiff, the GAO investigation into the Roswell Incident has stirred the interest of a number of Congressmembers. Because the GAO interviewed a number of people, and learned various things which were not in its Report, GAO staff reportedly predict that there will eventually be Congressional hearings.

In a related matter, the U.S. Air Force, in September, 1994 had issued a Report on the Roswell Incident, which admitted that they had lied to the American public for 47 years. The USAF admitted that what was retrieved from Roswell under extreme military security was not a weather balloon. But the September, 1994 Report said that what was retrieved was "probably" a spy balloon carrying a high altitude radiation detector (Project MOGUL). Now it is reported that, before the year is out, the Air Force will be issuing yet a third "report" on Roswell. This USAF Roswell Report #3 is still being drafted, and will reportedly contain information from a classified USAF document. However, the Air Force is still struggling with how to release this sensitive information on Roswell. [A trial draft was later withdrawn after being labeled ridiculous fiction.]

A published report by Richard Hall also asserted that this Winter [1995], the Central Intelligence Agency will issue a history of the CIA's involvement with UFOs. Like many other CIA reports, this one is expected to be sanitized and self-serving.

In April, 1995 at an Arkansas conference, Astronaut Gordon Cooper declared that when he was a USAF officer, a four man Air Force crew was filming a plane landing gear test at Edwards Air Force Base in 1957, when a UFO swooped down and landed at the base, while the Air Force cameras were rolling. The shocked USAF camera crew later brought the film to Edwards AFB Headquarters. Gordon Cooper personally viewed the film. EAFB commanding officers thereafter shipped it to Washington. Nothing has been heard from since about the film.

Astronaut Cooper is expected to make this revelation in a television UFO documentary to be broadcast in the Fall [1995], according to Irish film producer Jackie Dunn, who says she is working with a Canadian film production company to make a major UFO documentary film.

Cooper, also a former Air Force Colonel, granted a second interview to Sam Sherman of Independent-International Pictures Corporation, who is producing a film titled "Beyond This Earth," scheduled for Fall, 1995. [Still not released.] In it Cooper says that he "had worked on a UFO system with someone who had been in touch with extraterrestrials, and was able to gain some knowledge." This person had made a small UFO prototype, and was working on a 50 foot model with financial backing from an Arab country when he died. Cooper also talked about a Center for Advanced Technology, which apparently no longer exists. They were apparently involved in `back engineering some kind of alien technology. Cooper also talked about a friend who saw the extraterrestrial bodies at Roswell.

In a published article in April (1995), former NASA Director of Communications Maurice Chatelain dropped the bombshell revelation that the Apollo Moon Mission found "several mysterious geometric structures of unnatural origin" on the Moon.

Donna Tietze, a former photo technician at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston during the Apollo Moon Missions, revealed during a May 6, 1995 radio interview on WOL-AM in Washington, D.C., that a coworker in a restricted area had as his job to airbrush out UFOs from photos from the Moon, before NASA sold those photos to the public.

Another former astronaut, Dr. Brian O'Leary, on September 18, 1994 made the following declarations publicly at the International Forum on New Science in Fort Collins, CO. Dr. O'Leary said, "For nearly fifty years, the secrecy apparatus within the United States Government has kept from the public UFO and alien contact information." He flatly stated that "We have contact with alien cultures...." As for the nondisclosure of these facts, Dr. O'Leary said, "[T]he suppression of UFO and other extraterrestrial intelligence information for at least 47 years is probably being orchestrated by an elite band of men in the CIA, NSA [National Security Agency], DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency], and their like. This small group appears able to keep these already hard to believe secrets very well. ...[T]hose who have investigated this hydra-headed beast believe that the Cosmic Watergate of UFO, alien, mind control, genetic engineering, free energy, antigravity propulsion and other secrets will make Watergate or Irangate appear to be kindergarten exercises."

In 1993, Laurence Rockefeller, long an interested follower of the UFO phenomenon, assisted by his "point man" on UFO matters, Cdr. Scott Jones, Ph.D., USN-ONI (Ret.), former career Intelligence officer, began a campaign, dubbed the White House Initiative, to get the current Administration to reveal to the public promptly, yet responsibly, what the Government knows about UFOs and ET visitation. Rockefeller and Jones met with Clinton White House Science Advisor Dr. John Gibbons in March, 1993, and presented a "Matrix of UFO Belief" analysis monograph. A follow-up visit by Mr. Rockefeller took place with Dr. Gibbons at the White House Feb. 4, 1994. Thereafter, it is reliably reported that President Clinton gave initial agreement with the White House Initiative. Subsequently, White House Science Advisor Gibbons had been tasked to find out everything about UFOs.

A recent Freedom of Information Act request directed to Dr. Gibbons yielded a cache of UFO-related correspondence between Dr. Gibbons and Laurence Rockefeller, Dr. Scott Jones, U.S. Air Force officials, former French Government UFO investigations office (GEPAN) official, Dr. Jacques Vallee, and former Defense Secretary Melvin Laird. Defense Secretary Laird is the official who also authored a letter (I have seen) to incoming Clinton Administration Defense Secretary Les Aspin, offering to brief him about UFO matters. Dr. Jacques Vallee, in an April, 1995 letter, also offered to brief White House Science Advisor Gibbons on his UFO information.

On the weekend of August 19-20, 1995 Laurence Rockefeller had President Clinton as his guest at his Wyoming ranch in the Grand Tetons. The New York Daily News reported that Rockefeller has been pressing the Clinton Administration to open the government's UFO files. The News has obtained correspondence from Laurence Rockefeller to White House Science Advisor Dr. John Gibbons, in which Rockefeller stated that the government must put an end to the over 40 years denial of UFOs.

Mr. Rockefeller has recently funded a study on UFO activity, which involved the help of three former astronauts. This study is expected to be presented to the White House this 1995 Fall.

When he first took office, President Carter tried to learn what the government knew about UFOs. President Carter was denied access to UFO information which the CIA had, by then CIA Director George Bush, who told the President that he did not have clearance for that information. In similar fashion, President Clinton is not satisfied with the briefings he has gotten from the CIA on UFOs, because the CIA information conflicts with the information which the President's Science Advisor Jack Gibbons has independently acquired.

A source in contact with CIA's UFO Desk within the Directorate for Science and Technology reports that President Clinton has already made several pilot videos of proposed alternative public announcements about UFOs and extraterrestrial presence and visitation.

Dr. Steven Greer, head of CSETI [Committee for the Study of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence], has likewise provided two White House briefings to Science Advisor Gibbons on his UFO findings. Dr. Greer has also been making international contacts with European governmental leaders, to attempt to achieve consensus on an international joint statement acknowledging UFO and extraterrestrial visitation reality. Dr. Greer is engaging in this project in concert with the BSW Foundation's Marie Galbraith, a good friend of Laurence Rockefeller, and wife of Evan Galbraith, Reagan's former Ambassador to France.

On June 5, 1995 at a Bay Area lecture, Dr. Steven Greer revealed further findings. He has received leaked information that the Air Force, through its North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) facility deep inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, has tracked an average of 500 "fastwalkers" (UFOs) each year entering the Earth's atmosphere from deep space. This corroborates a similar report from AeroJet engineers Lee Graham and Ron Regehr, who have shown UFO researcher Don Ecker documents showing that AeroJet's DSP satellite system alone has routinely detected UFOs flying into Earth's atmosphere from deep space 2-3 times per month. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Howard Blum reported that NORAD tracks many UFOs on its deep space radars.

Dr. Greer has talked to a fellow medical doctor, the nephew of a pilot with General Jimmy Doolittle, who was commissioned by President Harry Truman to report on Foo Fighters during World War II. (Foo Fighters were levitating lighted globes, perhaps a meter diameter, which silently paced Allied and Nazi fighters and bombers during WW II, and were never officially explained.) This officer reported back to Truman that the Foo Fighters were real, were not German craft, and were most likely of extraterrestrial origin.

Two separate Intelligence sources have provided Dr. Greer with accounts of rogue units in covert compartments of military agencies, who are directing Black Budget and SDI weapons systems at UFOs, and have downed two UFOs in 1993-94. One source, a physicist in the Office of Naval Intelligence, said that this shooting down of nonhostile UFOs is done by out of control, arrogant "cowboys," using "unimaginable technologies," without any justification. Author Whitley Streiber, in Breakthrough, states that he has seen part of a document, revealing that the same EG&G Corporation involved at Area 51 defense research and security is also involved in weapons development against extraterrestrials.

Dr. Greer went on to note that key members of the government, military, intelligence and international leaders are "out of the loop" on detailed UFO information, and not being informed about hostile actions directed against these Visitors.

Former NATO (SHAPE) Intelligence Sergeant-Major Robert Dean has revealed the contents of an extremely classified SHAPE 1964 Assessment of UFOs and ETs, which stated, among other things, that: UFOs are real extraterrestrial spacecraft, that at least 4 and probably more ET races are visiting the Earth, that their intentions do not seem warlike, and that it appears that they have been studying the Earth for a very long time.

Sgt.-Major Dean also revealed that in 1961 a flying disc as long as a football field crashed near Timmensdorf, Germany. Twelve extraterrestrial bodies were found inside. Their blood was not red, but a viscous greenish fluid.

Dean reported that in 1989, a 100 yard wide UFO disc hovered for over an hour over the Headquarters of the Soviet Air Defense Command. Then NATO Sergeant-Major Dean reported that in 1993 there were a series of unidentified submerged objects (USOs) sighted in the Norwegian Sea. The USOs were the size of aircraft carriers, and moved at extraordinary speeds. In response, NATO sea exercises were conducted in the area. During the NATO exercises, a U.S. carrier-destroyer disappeared off the radar scopes of the other Navy vessels, and has not reappeared to date [1995].

More recently, Command Sergeant-Major Dean related that on June 19, 1995 six F-14 Navy fighter jets intercepted a UFO over Puerto Rico. Radio transmissions between the jets and the control tower were recorded by civilians on the ground. The F-14s and their crews never returned to their carrier.

Dean reported that government insiders feel that we are dealing with hundreds of ET civilizations, some intergalactic, some interdimensional. He noted that 10 years ago, NASA set up a scientific committee, which came to the conclusion that there are an estimated 10 billion planets with intelligent life.

Sgt.-Major Dean has assembled 20 astronauts, former intelligence officers, servicemen who participated in crashed UFO retrieval operations, generals, admirals, and even cosmonauts, who are willing to testify to a Congressional Committee about what they know about UFOs, provided that they are released from their National Security oaths. The videotaped depositions of sworn key witnesses have been taken by a prestigious Washington, D.C. law firm, and stored in its safe, awaiting public hearings.

Mr. Dean is working with CSETI's Dr. Steven Greer, in concert with former astronaut Gordon Cooper, other astronauts, another high-ranking military officer, and a General, to plan the release of UFO information to which they are privy. Dr. Greer and Sgt. Major Dean are part of a Coalition of Starlight and Stargate Projects, which have been putting together the best evidence of UFO/ET reality. The evidence includes not only military and intelligence officers who participated in UFO crash retrievals and autopsies on ET corpses, but also fighter pilots, generals, astronauts and cosmonauts who have witnessed UFOs close-up, as well as UFO and ET tissue samples. The Coalition's plan is to take their Briefing Document and evidence to world leaders, the U.N., scientific academies, and religious leaders for a pre-briefing. Then the Coalition will make a Public Disclosure before mid-1997. Dr. Greer reports that the White House, the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, and the United Nations are being enlisted to assist, and no one has said that this cannot come out.

On August 17, 1995, Sgt.-Major Robert Dean announced the beginning of a citizen campaign to compel Congress to grant Congressional immunity to astronauts and military and intelligence witnesses, who are ready to testify at Congressional UFO Hearings. Dean has acquired the services of a political strategist, who has developed a plan to inject the UFO subject into the 1996 political agenda, including the Presidential campaign. The Coalition has several Senators and Congressmembers who are favorable. The goal of all these efforts is to make UFO information and ET reality known to the public, through televised public Congressional Hearings.

On the weekend of March 18-19, 1995, the Disney Corporation conducted a sneak telecast of a UFO documentary without any prior announcement in five TV viewing areas: Connecticut, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and California. This amazing documentary, featuring Disney Chief Executive Officer Michael Eisner, put the reputation of the Disney Corporation behind the documentary's many startling statements, such as the following:

"Mankind is in the midst of the most profound event in history: actual contact with intelligent life from other planets."

"Intelligent life from distant galaxies is now attempting to make open contact with the human race, and tonight we'll show you the evidence."

"From beyond the boundaries of our perceptions, intelligent beings are beckoning mankind to join the galactic community. It's a invitation which is both wondrous and terrifying."

"Alien ships seem to arrive in waves, and if the last few years are any indication, planet Earth is experiencing a tsunami of sightings."

"As early as 1947, the large alien ships began to arrive, navigated by living creatures. Their advanced physics allowed them to traverse the galaxy and pierce Earth's atmosphere with amazing speed."

"More than one alien craft crashed, and was recovered for secret U.S. military research."

This is the actual site [Roswell, NM] where the Roswell saucer was discovered, along with the bodies of three extraterrestrial missionaries who didn't survive the collision. The debris and the dead were impounded, and taken away for top secret study, while a classified investigative committee, called the Majestic Twelve, was organized by President Truman, and a government cover-up was initiated with a calculated disinformation campaign."

"For governments determined to maintain their authority, extraterrestrial contact is pure dynamite."

"When [Jimmy Carter] assumed the office of President of the United States, his staff attempted to explore the availability of official investigations into alien contact. As this internal government memo illustrates, there are some security secrets outside the jurisdiction of the White House."

"In November of 1975, essentially every SAC [Strategic Air Command] base in the United States was visited by UFOs."

"Indications are that government, military and scientific leaders will soon release nearly a half-century of official documentation of ongoing alien encounters on Earth."

"Statistics indicate a greater probability that you'll experience extraterrestrial contact in the next five years, than the chances that you will win a state lottery."

"[M]ost Americans will likely explore outer space aboard crafts of alien origin."

Some UFO researchers feel that these "stealth" Disney Documentary broadcasts were a test of the public's ability to handle the revelation of UFO reality and the government cover-up.

On Friday, May 5, 1995 British TV producer Ray Santilli held a press conference at the London Museum to announce that he had come into possession of 14 reels of 16mm military intelligence film, which include scenes from UFO crash retrieval operations by classified Army Air Corps units, along with scenes of autopsies in progress on several extraterrestrial corpses.

Mr. Santilli stated that he was given this film by Jack Barnett, an 82 year old Army photographer, who said that he kept back a personal copy of the classified footage he shot at the Roswell UFO crash retrieval operation in July, 1947. But Christopher Cory, a business associate of Mr. Santilli, feels that that account does not fit, and that there are indications that the films came by way of intelligence agencies "leaks."

Some indications that these UFO wreckage and extraterrestrial autopsies films actually were leaked from intelligence sources are the following two incidents. A delegation of Chinese UFO researchers, who were in London and saw the film in June, 1995, said that they had received copies of the same footage two years earlier (1993) from the CIA, in exchange for some Chinese UFO film footage. And former Air Force intelligence officer Sgt. Dick Doty claims that he was shown the Roswell film some time ago at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico.

On June 28, 1995 a group of 19 Senators and Congressmembers, including Rep. Steven Schiff, reportedly were shown a preview of the film of the extraterrestrial autopsy at their request.

One month later, a special film program, entitled "Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?", was televised publicly around the world on August 28 (1995). The six fingered, 5-6 foot tall ET shown in the autopsy film is not of the same race as the four fingered, 3-1/2 foot tall ET shown in a different film reel which Mr. Santilli possesses. Such anomalies suggest that the films may actually be of different UFO crash retrieval operations, some at a different date than Roswell.

These inconsistencies may point to a sophisticated negative disinformation campaign by intelligence compartments to divert attention from mushrooming civilian evidence about a 1947 UFO crash at Roswell, by foisting onto an unsuspecting Mr. Santilli and the world public some hoaxed or misidentified film.

Alternatively, the inconsistencies may point to an even more sophisticated positive disinformation campaign, in which actual military intelligence footage of a variety of UFO crash retrievals of various places and dates are merged together under the name of "Roswell," so that it will require discernment on the part of the public to distinguish the Roswell scenes from other UFO sites and dates. This latter strategy would also permit fearful disbelievers to reassure themselves that Roswell "didn't happen," by pointing to scenes in certain film sequences inconsistent with investigated Roswell facts.

The 20 minute film excerpt depicted a grainy image of an autopsy taking place in a well-lit space. This segment is reportedly the second of three autopsies which are photographed on various film reels. There are three human workers shown in a hospital-like environment. Two people are wearing "radiation-type" (biohazard isolation) white suits, while a third person is behind a glass partition, looking on.

The two in isolation suits are working on a humanoid body shown on a black slab. The ET body has a height of 5-6 feet. Her head is larger than a human's, is shaped differently, with huge development in the back of the skull. She has large, black eyes. The torso has a bloated stomach, possibly from decomposition. Extremities have six fingers and six toes. One of her legs is charred, (presumably from the crash). There is no cranial or axillary hair. There is no apparent rib cage. Ears and nose are small and rudimentary in comparison with human ones. There are no teeth, and lips are not apparent. The ears are set extremely low, below the jaw hinge. There is no navel. There is a presumably female genital cleft, but there are no apparent breasts. Some researchers feel that this corpse may be a hybrid of extraterrestrial-human origins, (because of the presence of genitalia, [not extraterrestrial], and the absence of breasts, [not human].)

Another film segment, seen earlier by Phillip Mantle, an officer of the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), shows an autopsy involving an extraterrestrial who is 3-1/2 to 4 foot tall, and who has four fingers at the end of the upper limbs. A Kodak Company technician has examined some film leader and says it was of 1947 vintage.

A prestigious three day international conference was held at the Sheraton Washington in Washington, D.C., May 27-29, on the subject of what should be the Earth's proper response, when it comes out in the open that we are being visited by cultures from elsewhere. The "When Cosmic Cultures Meet" International Conference featured presentations by scientists, academics, governmental leaders, research professionals, military officers, journalists and religious spokespersons. This major, world-class conference, revealed the solid acceptance by political, academic, scientific and journalism figures of the realism of preparing for extraterrestrial contact, and provided a number of compelling statements and revelations.

Arlington Institute National Security specialist John L. Petersen compared the current shift in society and culture, involving dramatic breakthroughs in energy sources, ET contact, and technology, to the shift from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment.

Anthropologist-journalist Michael Hesseman likened ET contact to a second Copernican Revolution. He also reported that Soviet KGB UFO files have now become public, revealing, for example, that in 1989 a UFO hovered two hours over a Soviet nuclear weapons storage facility, until finally a MIG fighter came and caused its departure.

Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack presented arresting videotapes of his interviewing of Southern Africa fourth graders who witnessed a UFO set down at the edge of their recess playground. Then several extraterrestrials emerged, one approaching within three meters (nine feet) of one schoolgirl as others watched.

Washington Post journalist Ruth Montgomery related how she had received multiple reports about UFO reality from various military officers with whom she had spoken.

The producer of Mexico's "Sixty Minutes" television documentary program, Jaime Maussan, showed extensive videotapes of UFOs over Mexican population centers. These videotapes show structured craft, flotillas of UFOs, and a vertical column of UFOs inside a translucent plasma(?) field. The most arresting footage is a nighttime shot of a UFO hovering near the ground, and later, a "Praying Mantis"-type extraterrestrial, illuminated, is seen turning towards the camera from perhaps one block away.

Sumerian culture expert Zecharia Sitchin presented evidence from ancient Sumerian tablets for previous contact between extraterrestrials and modern humans' ancestors.

The organizer of the Cosmic Cultures Conference, Dr. Scott Jones, has made videotapes of the Conference available to key Congressional and White House figures, so that they can be aware that representatives from the scientific, academic, professional and journalistic communities are well-informed and accepting of UFO and extraterrestrial reality. Scott Jones has also recently sent a survey on UFO awareness and attitudes to all members of Congress.

On April 13, 1995 family physician Jesse Marcel, Jr., M.D. gave a talk at Helena, MT. Dr. Marcel is the son of the Army Air Corps intelligence officer who was present at the 1947 Roswell flying saucer crash. Dr. Marcel told of being invited to Washington, D.C. in 1991 by Dick D'Amato, National Security Specialist for Senator Robert Byrd, and liaison, the National Security Council. Dick D'Amato insisted that Dr. Marcel and he meet in a "secure room". Jesse protested that he was "not going to say anything he had not said before." But D'Amato insisted, saying he had secure things to discuss.

D'Amato acknowledged to Dr. Marcel that there was a crash near Roswell, and that aliens were aboard. This was the first time Dr. Marcel had heard anyone in government admit the UFO crash. Dr. Marcel said that D'Amato's answer to where the wreckage is was "We [National Security Council] don't know." D'Amato told him that the UFO reality information should be released. But that an incredibly powerful "black arm" of the government has been keeping it a secret, and that enormous sums of money are being spent illegally. He also told Dr. Marcel that the National Security Council is trying to find out who these people are, why they are keeping it a secret, and where their money is coming from.

UFO researcher Stanton Friedman was in a position to confirm that such a meeting occurred, since he had his own meeting with D'Amato that same weekend. Researcher Timothy Good had also met with Dick D'Amato confidentially in Washington and London. Mr. Good confirmed that Mr. D'Amato was seeking information on "black" operations and funding, and will be reporting in his [Good's] next book on their meetings and the implications.

In view of multiple pressures compelling disclosure of UFO reality, and the exigencies of Presidential election year politics, Congressman Phil Gramm and Senator Bob Dole had perhaps best be prepared for the possibility of the Democratic Presidential Reelection Campaign launching an unprecedented kind of "October Surprise." In view of this, one UFO investigator, Dan Smith, has entered into discussions with the Dole and Graham Presidential Campaigns staff, offering them his informational services about UFOs, so that Senator Dole and Congressman Graham can minimize their risk of being blind sided by the UFO Cover-Up/Disclosure Issue, which might become the sleeper issue of the 1996 Presidential Campaign.

Well-informed sources tell that both the Republican and Democratic National Committees are trying to assess whether UFOs, and government secrecy over UFOs in particular, might be a legitimate issue in the upcoming political season. In an apparent effort to avoid being taken by surprise by the politics of UFO disclosures, Republican National Chairman Hailee Barbour and other RNC officials reportedly have contacted various astronauts to learn from them what they know about UFOs.

The Democratic National Committee is thinking about putting one or more UFO-related questions on a national survey questionnaire they put out in preparation for the next election.

Both major parties are aware that a third party candidate might push the UFO issue, too, to the embarrassment of Republicans and Democrats. It is known that Ross Perot, during his Presidential campaign in 1992, made lots of "back channel" UFO inquiries.

The UFO campaign issue may have already began. During the week of September 17, 1995 two national figures referred to UFOs. When former President Jimmy Carter was asked a question about UFOs, he answered by relating that the Director of Central Intelligence used a psychic to precisely locate a downed secret U.S. plane. This was a veiled reference to intelligence agencies' use of psychics to study UFOs and extraterrestrials. That same week Presidential candidate Bob Dole disparaged President Clinton's economic policy, (that more than 2% economic growth is impossible without inflation), by saying "That's like the Air Force saying UFOs are impossible."

The extraterrestrials also appear to be doing their share by employing a four element Game Plan to reveal their presence:

Element #1 is to increase the pace, boldness and openness of UFO sightings. Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center (206-722-3000), stated that the center has been swamped by UFO reports since the first week in July [1995] and escalating. Not only are the reports plentiful, but reports are now common of numerous and multiple kinds of UFO craft during a single sighting, and there are many reports of UFOs landing.

Element #2 is the coming forward of an increasing number of close encounter experiencers to acknowledge their contacts to psychotherapists, investigators and the public. Many professional researchers and therapists have recently reported increasing numbers of such accounts of extraterrestrial encounters.

Element #3 is the strong sense of mission felt by numerous UFO experiencers and researchers to work to bring the extraterrestrial presence to public awareness. Reports from around the country verify that many people are feeling such a sense of mission.

Element #4 is the attitude change in many governmental and other influential leaders to allow release or leaks of UFO information. Numerous instances of the results of such greater openness are evident in the revelations cited earlier in this report.

Meanwhile, 1995 reports of UFO/ET sightings increase. On July 9 near Versailles, MO, two Air Force officers and a dozen other witnesses saw five very large UFOs (a triangular craft and four discs, each as long as a football field) hovering over an empty field. On the ground were 20-25 extraterrestrials moving about. Three different races were present: some short, with purplish skin and large ears, another type described as luminous energy beings, and a third group of humanoid ETs in jump suits.

On August 6, numerous people saw clusters of UFOs over Bakersfield, CA, which were reported in the Bakersfield paper.

On September 7, in mid-afternoon, a silvery-gray, cigar-shaped UFO the size of a small plane, so near that portholes across its midsection could be seen, descended and landed at a FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] underground installation at Seattle.

On September 21 at Salina, KS, two policemen in a light plane spotted an array of UFOs and took camcorder videotape of them.

On September 22 in Redmond, a Seattle suburb, two women, one a professional astronomer, saw an array of craft with pulsating red lights. Hundreds more sightings like these have been reported.

On June 11, 1995 a UFO was sighted hovering over the Headquarters of the CIA at Langley, as reported in the McLean, VA local newspaper. The UFO shone down a bright light on the Headquarters. Then it drifted north towards Great Falls, VA, where Ron Pandolphi, who runs the UFO Desk at CIA, has his home. Could it be that the ETs are saying, "Time's up?"

© 1995 Dr. Richard J. Boylan, All Rights Reserved

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