On the top left hand corner of the letter is a small logo, the images below show a close up of this logo. From what we can make out from the logo a small parasuit can be seen in the top left of the logo, next to this is what we think to be a plane and under the plane, you can see five dots, in a cross like formation (maybe stars). After scanning the internet and looking through books I have still not been able to come up with anything that looks like this logo. If you can see a resembelense to it, please dont hesitate in getting in touch with us.

Follows is my interpretation of the letter so far, only some of the words seem to be 100% correct and aggreed by all members of the RPIT , but the others are as I see them.

*** = shows number of letters but cant make out the word
---- = can't make out the words or number of letters in the words.

1) -------------------------------------------------------- AS THE
2) --------------4** THE VICTIMS OF THE WRecK WAS ********* TO THE
3) -----------*** AT FORT WORTH, TXE.
4) --------***S** **** W*LSE* ***** **** ARMY FAX A3/0990 L*******
5) --------****** CR***** POWERS *** N***** SITE OUT OF ********* *****
6) -------------***D** *A** TA** ******** WEA**** OR STORY ARE ADVISED
7) ---------------- ***Y EVEN THEY *** BY WEATHER BALLOONS WOULD ****
8) ----------------**** ARE *A** ********** ****S
10)                                             Temple

More information will be added to this page in due course, but for more reseach material please click HERE and you will be taken to Neil Morris page, another member of the RPIT.