Figure One

This shows the glyph panel with no markings.
Figure Two

This shows the glyph panel with markings to show certain features within the photo.

Shown in red is the outline of the shape of the structure that could be best determined, notice in the bottom right-hand corner (selected with the yellow circle) a small crack has formed. By looking at this crack closely you can see that it is the kind crack that would appear in ceramic objects. I say this because of the way smaller cracks appeared to be coming off the main crack, like a fork lightning strike.

In the middle of the photo, circled in yellow, is what seems to be a selection of symbols. These have been seen by all the RPIT , and we've all said how much they resemble an Egyptian style glyph.

- The Letter -

This is the letter found in Rameys hand in one of the Roswell photo .
The RPIT have been trying to read the contents of the letter
This could be the 'Smoking Gun' and may solve the Roswell debate.

Click HERE to look at some of the letter research and analysis findings that have been done by the RPIT.

More information will be added to this page in due course, but for more reseach material please click HERE and you will be taken to Neil Morris page, another member of the RPIT.