Biographical Sketch of Ronald S. Regehr

Ronald Regehr, MUFON Research Specialist and member of MUFON Orange County, presents the development of the ultimate UFO-detecting satellite—the famous Defense Support Program (DSP) "spy satellite," and introduces evidence that proves that the DSP has actually detected UFOs.
Regehr's multimedia presentation is informative yet entertaining. Although Regehr is an astronautical/aeronautical engineer, his presentation clearly addresses all ages and backgrounds. He presents complex technical issues in easily understood terms whether speaking to schools, churches, or service organizations, or addressing technical symposia.
Regehr's presentation is titled "SPY SATELLITES: Earth's First Defense Against Alien Invasion!"

Professional background
While employed by Douglas Aircraft (later to become McDonnell/Douglas, and recently merged with the Boeing Co.) Regehr was part of the Saturn/Apollo S-IVB design team, responsible for detailing the electrical interface between the S-IVB and the S-II and S-I stages of the Apollo Moon rocket. Subsequently, Regehr was responsible for developing the requirements for the first United States Space Station—Skylab, while working closely with the astronauts, NASA headquarters, and Douglas designers.
For the next 25+ years, Regehr was an integral part of the DSP team, responsible for developing the specifications for not only the spy satellite itself, but also the ground data-processing software and interfaces with other elements of the program. During this time, Regehr was frequently called upon to assist government specialists in their evaluations of various highly classified programs.
Regehr is currently working on the next generation of spy satellites.

UFO Related
Regehr first became interested in UFO phenomena in the mid 1950s as a young volunteer for the Ground Observer Corps while living in New Mexico. This was the heyday of UFOlogy, with contactees, "Flying Saucer" movies, green fireballs, and a seemingly endless supply of newspaper and TRUE (the men's magazine—remember?) magazine articles to fuel one's enthusiasm.
During the '60s and early '70s, Regehr continued reading almost everything available on UFOs, but didn't get overly involved in serious research. This changed in the mid '80s when Regehr's involvement in classified areas indicated to him that what the U.S. citizens were being told about UFO and what was actually going on behind the scenes didn't agree; our government was suppressing information and withholding the truth about UFO phenomena.
Regehr has dedicated the past 18 years to lifting the veil of government censorship and cover-up. His efforts resulted in a UFO library with more than 500 volumes, hundreds of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) submittals, several "interviews" from Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) officials, and a detailed knowledge of one highly sensitive "spy satellite", the Defense Support Program (DSP) which was instrumental in detecting each of the Iraqi Scud missile launches during the Gulf War, and was designed to avoid a nuclear confrontation resulting from mis-identifying a UFO with a Soviet ICBM.
Regehr has been the subject of numerous printed articles, has been published in UFO Magazine and the MUFON Journal, and has appeared in two segments each of both the highly acclaimed series Sightings and Strange Universe, has lectured extensively in the Southern California area, and appeared on both radio and television. Regehr is currently the Associate State Section Director of MUFON Orange County (California), and continues his research into this intriguing phenomenon.

Most recently, Regehr had coordinated the efforts of the Roswell Photo Interpretation Team, a group of dedicated UFOlogists closely examining the (in)famous Roswell Debris photographs taken by cub reporter/photographer James Bond Johnson on July 8, 1947.