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The following sites have gained this award for having an out-standing web site based around the UFO phenomenon, the web sites have been easy to access and follow with no hang ups.

. top 10 sites

UASR is the support web site for the UASR mailinglist which has members all over the globe and it contains information about UFO's-, ALIEN's-, & SPACE- RESEARCH. These are also the subjects we inform eachother about and try to discuss on a science based way... UASR contains also many "outsite" links to provide best information to the "public" and to inform so called "newbies" of the right places before they are lost in the UFO-chaos on the net ;-) Last but not least : "A lie, even minor,left unchallenged,will be accepted by the ignorant and uninformed, as the truth"

Joe's Alien page
"Pictures, UFO accounts, Links, Screensavers, Info on: Area 51, Roswell, UFO organizations, and much, much more."

Malta UFO Research

"Worldwide information on UFO Organizations, Magazines, Conferences, Mailing Lists, Museums and official home of UFO Roundup."

"UFO Online is trying to gather all resources and news and filter out the Hoaxes and New-Age religious stuff. Its main features include a Report Database and Document Database and ways to connect with other researchers."

"Its not rocket science, its simply Information about UFO's, Alien Encounters, Abductions, Area 51, Men in Black ( MIB ), Roswell including Majestic 12, Sightings, British Groups and Events, Famous casebook about little green and grey or is that Gray men. Even the odd game ... So take a visit."

UFOs Online
"UFOs Online's aim is to bring top quality and free UFOlogy ingormation to everyone around the world."

Alien Exchange
"Interested in UFOs, Aliens, the Paranormal? Come to The Alien Exchange!"

top 20 sites

FSR (Flying Saucer Review)
The FSR is a quarterly UFO magazine, it was est. in 1955 and still continues to keep the UFO community up to date with recent issues, well worth subscribing to!!
The FSR website was easy to follow and took little time to download, the graphics were minimum but this helped keep the load time fast. The use of frames made it easy to navigate around and find the necessary information.

UFO Network

Secrets Of The Hidden Universe
"A site dedicated to introducing the topic of UFO's and alien contact to those new to the subject."

The Unexplained Page
"The Unexplained page includes information on Ancient mysteries, the Orion theory, UFO's, UFO sightings by Astronauts, Secrets on Mars, Alienbody's, Area51, Dulce and the Nasca Lines."

"The new Internet Head Quarters for UniFON, the United UFO Network, we research and investigate all UFO related Phenomena! Memership is free, so come on dow and join up! "

The Other Side
"Information about UFOs,Aliens,Crop Circles and all that kind of stuff. This site is ALWAYS under construction!"

Conspiracys, UFOS, Government Cover-Ups
"This site deals with Conspiracys, UFOS, Government Cover-Ups, Abductions. We cover areas on Area51, Roswell, Papers on Wm Copper, John Lear and more. Project Blue book, Under ground bases. Open Forums. We offer a place for everyone to make up there own minds as to if these subjects are true or not. We give you fact, fiction where possible. Some stories are without follow-ups so we can not be certian if they are ture or not, it is for you to make up your mind on these subjects. If you want to find information on any of these subjects then we have it here. We know the truth is out there, finding it is the problem now. We know that the government is holding and hiding UFOS, our mission now is to find the information and post it for all to see. WE need your help on this. If you have any info on this then contact us so we can search further "

Top 30 Sites

esotericworldnews UFOs
"A complete metaphysical directory from Astrology to Ghosts to UFOs, free lessons, great links to other sites on same subjects, music on over 100 pages, animations and more."

The Alien Page
"My site is basically just my opinion on extraterrestrial life and stuff like that. I have a page related to UFOs, one to Aliens, one on my opinion, a poem I wrote about aliens, and an X-files page. My page is nothing special."

Ohio Skywatch Internationnal
"UFOS, lits, dark flying triangles, orange balls of plasma light unmarked black helicopters, These are just a few of the subjects covered here. Sitchen,Photos, crop circles, personal experiences, "

"UFO HOME has an extensive library that currently holds an estimated 250 documuntes!. UFO HOME also has an Investigation Center, Reporting Center, and a LIVE chat channel and a UFO Hotspot section"

Top 40 Sites

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Other top sites

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